Live Event Production

Have a band or event coming up but need some help on the audiovisual side? We've got you covered! We provide full audiovisual services (audio, lighting, projection, and video) for all sizes of events. From small acoustic bands to stadium full concerts, we can handle events of all sizes. Fill out our form for more information or send us an email!


We offer audiovisual equipment for small parties, bands, and weddings! If you need something for just a day, weekend, or a whole month we can get you setup. We are working on setting up an online rental system, in the meantime send us an email or call the store to schedule your next rental today!


Come and visit our in-house guitar tech, Clint Walker, Tuesday through Saturday. We provide in-store repairs of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. When you drop off the guitar with Clint, he will give you an estimated cost and repair time. Come by and see Clint or send us an email!


Looking for upgrade you video recording or live-streaming? We've worked with many churches and organizations improve their live-streaming operations since the beginning of COVID-19. We also offer the ability to create and run paid live stream events for you! If you are interested in upgrading, have a question, or would like to talk to us about streaming your next event, fill out our video form or send us an email!