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CTS 250k Audio Solid Shaft Potentiometer

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  • CTS 250K Audio Taper Guitar Pot with 1/4" Solid Shaft for use with most set screw style metal knobs. 1/4" threaded bushing for pick guard and control plate mounting. CTS pots feature heavy duty construction and are specifically designed for top performance in guitar volume and tone circuits.

    CTS Control Pot Specs
    Ohms: 250K   Taper: Audio
    Tolerance: +/-20%   Pot Diameter:
    15/16" (.9375")
    Shaft Material: Aluminum   Threaded Shaft Length: 1/4" (.25")
    Shaft Type: Solid   Threaded Shaft Material: Brass
    Shaft Diameter: 1/4" (6.35mm)   Threaded Shaft Diameter:
    3/8" (.375")
    Shaft Height: 3/8" (.375")   Thread Pitch: